What is Gout Arthritis?

What is Gout?

If you are asking the question what is gout, you are most likely experiencing joint pain in your big toe, knee, wrist or ankle. Gout occurs when your body builds up an excess of uric acid. This excess forms crystals in joints causing a burning pain, swelling and redness.

 Gout Arthritis

When some people hear the term gout arthritis they immediately think they are stricken by a lifetime crippling disease. Gout can become a serious problem if it isn’t treated quickly and effectively. Fortunately, a physician can prescribe medicines to effectively control the arthritis. Before you get yourself on a lifetime of daily pill taking you may want to try modifying your diet. There are foods and supplements which help to lower uric acid. Avoiding purine rich foods which increase uric acid is another common recommendation.

Gout Caused By High Purine Rich Foods


Who Gets Gout?

Gout is more common in men and can be triggered by excess weight, age, alcohol, genetics or purine rich foods. It is highly recommended to have a doctor diagnose your symptoms because other inflammatory diseases can have similar symptoms.

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