Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a succulent that is found in the northern hemisphere and has been used for many decades. One of the uses that is commonly known is Rhodiola’s ability to act as an anti-stress supplement. Rhodiola influences the body to release stress hormones while boosting your metabolism to help reduce symptoms related to stress and may even help to relieve chronic stress issues. (1)

Stress is common and can cause physical, emotional, and psychological strain which is why finding a stress relief supplement may be crucial during these hard times. Stress is known to affect the brain in many ways. Researchers say that it can stunt your memory as well as reduce your ability to comprehend or learn new things. There are some physical aspects that are affected by stress as well. Like the way it affects your GI, complicating your appetite and your ability to produce a healthy bowel movement. Not only that but stress can attack your immune system and make you vulnerable to illnesses. (2)

Rhodiola has also been known to benefit individuals with stress related symptoms such as depression, insomnia, and even promotes cognitive production. A study of 57 people over a 12-week period was conducted by giving subjects one of the following: standard Rhodiola, Sertraline (a pharmaceutical anti-depressant), or a placebo pill. The results showed that although Sertraline had slightly more anti-
depressant features, Rhodiola had fewer adverse effects on the subjects. (3)

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